“Opora Russia” to play a part in developing investment processes in Tomsk municipalities


At the business meeting, Vasily Potemkin, Deputy of the Governor of Tomsk region for investment policy and property relations, Sergey Sokolov, Vice-President of the public organization for small and medium enterprises “Opora Russia”, and representatives of the regional branch of this all-Russian organization discussed the issues of cooperation and use of the resources of the Tomsk branch of “Opora Russia” intended for efficient collaboration between the executive power and entrepreneurs in the municipalities.

 “It is extremely important for us to work intensively with such organizations as “Opora Russia”. Our task is to make the investment process in the region as transparent as possible, involve in this work as many small and medium enterprises as possible, apply their achievements and connections for the benefit of the region”, said Vasily Potemkin. “Tomsk region has not only the “Big university” project but also a lot of municipalities. By order of the governor, we are now working with the heads of each municipality to develop investment passports. Once we understand the growth points of each municipality, which is expected to happen very soon, the cooperation with public organizations will gain even more relevance”.

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