Tomsk Region plans to repair more than 160 km of regional roads in 2024


Tomskavtodor plans to renovate 164 km of regional and intermunicipal roads next year under the national project Safe Quality Roads initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Additionally, the national project program includes building four bridges.

In 2024, the repair of three facilities that started this year will be completed: Bakchar - Podgornoye - Kolomino in Chainsky District, Melnikovo - Kozhevnikovo - Izovka in Kozhevnikovsky District and Tomsk - Kargala - Kolpashevo in Tomsk District.

Moreover, the road surface will be modernized on highway sections in Kozhevnikovsky, Krivosheinsky, Kolpashevsky, Bakcharsky, Asinovsky,

The region will also continue to renovate bridges. Major repair of the bridge over the Kaima River in Alexandrovsky district, the bridge over the Kiya River in Zyryansky district and the bringe over the Chaya River in Kolpashevsky district are scheduled for 2024. Repair work on the Severny Bridge over the Tom River in Tomsk District is planned for 2024-2025.

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