The volume of government procurement for small businesses in the Tomsk Region amounts almost ten billion rubles


In 2023, state customers procured products and services from Tomsk SME suppliers worth 9.98 billion rubles. The Tomsk Region is among the top ten regions in procurement volume growth index.

Increasing the volume of procurement by major state companies from SMEs is one of the priorities of the national project Small and Medium Entrepreneurship implemented on an initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Cooperation between large customers and SMEs is developing dynamically in the region. 1,678 SME suppliers took part in procurement during first 9 months of 2023. The total volume of procurement by major customers from SME suppliers during first 9 months of this year in the Tomsk Region amounted to 29.3 billion rubles.

A set of state support measures is implemented to support small and medium-sized businesses in the field of procurement. The mandatory quota of procurement from SMEs has been increased from 20 to 25% since 2022, and an increase from 18 to 20% has resulted from the "special trade" procedure, when only SMEs participate in the procurement process.

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