Tomsk Region Export Support Center succeeds in achieving objectives of the national project


A report on the export support centers' activity was given at the Russian Export Development Infrastructure Conference held in Novosibirsk.

Tomsk Business Support Center was among the centers that successfully achieved the objectives of the Presidential National Project Small and Medium Entrepreneurship.

The Tomsk Region Export Support Center assisted 12 Tomsk small and medium business companies in signing two dozen export contracts for a total of 467 million rubles.

Products and solutions were exported to Uzbekistan, Vietnam, UAE and India. These areas have become points of export development for small and medium businesses in the region and have prospects for further mutually beneficial cooperation. Despite the difficulties with the ruble exchange rate and the complicated political situation in the world, the Tomsk Region remains active in exports and continues setting new ambitious goals to expand the geography of export supplies".

By the end of 2023, Tomsk companies will hold negotiations within the framework of the reverse business mission that includes inviting representatives of Kazakh companies to visit Tomsk. The companies will also participate in five more international exhibitions to be held in Russia, Algeria, UAE and Vietnam.

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