Tomsk Governor and Deputy Head of Gazprom discuss the prospects of scientific and technological cooperation


Vladimir Mazur, Governor of the Tomsk region, and Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Head of Department of PJSC Gazprom, at a field meeting at the Tomsk Vakhrushev Electromechanical Plant, analyzed cooperation between the Tomsk manufacturers of process equipment and the gas holding company.

One of the key areas of cooperation between the region and the company is the implementation of roadmaps to expand the use of high-tech products from the Tomsk region’s organizations, including import-substituting products, for the benefit of PJSC Gazprom. The first roadmap was signed in 2013, and since 2021 the fourth roadmap has been in effect following the successful implementation of the previous three ones.

Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Head of Gazprom, praised the level of skills and enthusiasm of the Tomsk industrial enterprises and said that Gazprom would expand the technological cooperation with the region not only in the field of equipment development and production, but also in the field of maintenance and repair of service equipment, as well as the provision of service support.

“Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk requested the enterprises and universities to fulfill 14 research and development projects, test and approve 18 types of products”, said Vladislav Borodin, Director of OOO Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk.

Over ten years, more than 20 organizations of the Tomsk region have supplied 90 products to the gas industry companies. Today, the company is implementing long-term contracts with AO TEMZ and AO NPF Mikran for serial production, supply and service of products. The register of material and technical resources approved for use at Gazprom facilities includes more than 70 products of TEMZ, Mikran, EleSi, Tomsk Electronic Company, Tomsk Cable Plant, Elcom+, Manotom, TOMZEL etc.

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