Tomsk region approves the сode of investment rules


 The Tomsk region has approved the Code of investment rules including 11 optimal algorithms of actions (“client path”) of an investor planning to implement an investment project in the Tomsk region.

The Code of investment rules was developed to increase the level of transparency of the procedures that investors need to go through in the course of the project implementation, and simplifies the process of interaction between the investors, authorities and utility providers.

The Code of investment rules contains 11 Algorithms regarding the power supply hook-up (small and medium enterprises - up to 150 kW, medium and large enterprises - over 150 kW), gas supply, heat supply, water supply and wastewater disposal networks, obtaining construction permits, permits for commissioning facilities, obtaining a land plot (by tender and without it), registration of title to a commissioned facility and access to road infrastructure.

The Algorithms describe step-by-step procedures, including deadlines, the list of documents and the authority (organization) where to submit them.

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