Tomsk region concludes a concession agreement to build an inter-university student campus


The inter-university student campus is to be built by the results of a competitive selection, within the framework of national project “Science and Universities”, financed by the federal and regional budgets, as well as by the concessionaire, with Gazprombank acting as the lender. On September 25, the Tomsk region signed a concession agreement with OOO Tomsk Student Campus.

The campus is planned to comprise a residential complex for 6,000 students, a multifunctional training center and a fitness and health complex with a 25-meter swimming pool, yoga, strength and cardio training rooms, multipurpose gyms and a medical center. The classroom, laboratory and exhibition spaces, lecture and conference halls, offices of the partner companies, food court and administrative premises are supposed to be located in the building of the multifunctional training center.

The total area of the buildings will amount to 191,951 m2, the area of the site for construction facilities will be 55 hectares.

The construction of the student campus solves the task assigned to the country and regions by President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which is to achieve scientific, technological and personnel sovereignty. The campus will attract even more gifted young people to the region and business investments to create new high-tech industries.

The signed concession agreement is a natural outcome of the well-coordinated work of the regional administration, the project initiator and the bank, which has the necessary resources, expertise and experience in implementing such major infrastructure projects. One of the most essential areas of the government’s activities to ensure economic growth in the country is the development of educational infrastructure. At the same time, the project is crucial for Tomsk, which is the oldest educational, scientific and research center in the country. The concession mechanism will make it possible to construct a state-of-the-art and user-friendly campus within the planned timeframe and under the total control over the designated use of funds.

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