47 companies in Tomsk Oblast are Skolkovo residents


A meeting of representatives of innovative companies with a delegation from the Skolkovo Foundation was held at the southern site of SEZ Tomsk.

Companies using innovative technologies of their own development in one of the following clusters: industry and technology, biomedicine, and IT – can become participants of the Skolkovo project. The Skolkovo Innovation Centre ecosystem allows residents to choose the most effective tools for development of technological entrepreneurship and research. In 2022, Skolkovo companies made revenue of more than 350 billion rubles.

At the meeting, representatives of the Foundation answered questions from Tomsk companies, including residents of the special economic zone, startups, and those who have already received the status of a participant of the Foundation (there are 47 Skolkovo residents in Tomsk Oblast).

Sergey Krzhanovsky, Vice President for Grants, Expertise, and Tender Activities of Skolkovo, emphasised that the Foundation’s task is to ensure that all opportunities to support technological entrepreneurship complement each other. SEZ residents, having become Skolkovo residents as well, will be able to receive additional financing and reimbursement of costs, and attract investments.

The regional operator of the Skolkovo Foundation is the Tomsk Oblast Engineering and Innovation Centre Autonomous Non-commercial Organisation (ANO).


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