The Governor of Tomsk Oblast opened a new asphalt-concrete plant


OOO Torgovy Dom TSS is performing a full cycle of works – starting from production of the asphalt-concrete mixture to road paving. The capacity of the enterprise is 240 tonnes of asphalt-concrete mixture per hour.

Around 1.3 billion rubles was invested in the creation of the production facility. The enterprise already has around 200 people employed, and more than 80 pieces of equipment are being utilised.

The enterprise has its own production laboratory, where specialists investigate each batch of asphalt-concrete mixture before the beginning of road works, as well as office premises, its own dormitory for the plant’s employees, and a canteen, which forms a high culture of everyday life.

The plans of the organisation include creation of another asphalt-concrete mixture plant of a similar capacity, a mineral powder production plant, a concrete and other construction materials production plant, depending on the needs of the municipalities and the region.

The implementation of these projects will allow to increase the number of new jobs of up to 300 and annually replenish the revenue part of the consolidated budget of Tomsk Oblast due to tax deductions.

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