Governor Vladimir Mazur discussed production plans with power engineers


During his visit to Rosseti Tomsk, Tomsk Region Governor Vladimir Mazur was informed by Alexander Cherpinsky, Managing Director of Rosseti Tomsk, about the upcoming repair program. The program is set to receive 268 million rubles in funding. Over two thousand hectares of high-voltage line routes will be cleared. Additionally, 156 kilometers of high-voltage lines and 129 substations will be repaired.

Vladimir Mazur and Alexander Cherpinsky discussed the power engineers' investment program. For instance, the proposed construction of 44 kilometers of power lines in the Tomsk district served as the foundation for the residential area known as "Yuzhnye Vorota". This allowed for the connection of 36 apartment buildings and 6 social facilities to the power grid.

The regional leader prioritized street lighting in the area, particularly in rural regions. Vladimir Mazur and Alexander Cherpinsky have agreed to launch the "Light Equality" project, which aims to "illuminate" all socially significant objects in the region in cooperation with Rosseti Tomsk.

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