Governor Vladimir Mazur evaluated the production facility of Tomsk Electronic Company


During his visit to Tomsk Electronic Company, Governor Vladimir Mazur congratulated the largest manufacturer of electric actuators for the oil and gas complex on its 25th anniversary and discussed production plans with the staff.

Tomsk Electronic Company celebrates its anniversary with steady annual production growth. Roadmaps in the scientific and technological sphere between the Tomsk Region and major Russian companies are being used as a development tool. The initial agreement was signed with Gazprom, and Tomsk Electronic Company is one of the active participants in this collaboration. The company's partners include Gazprom Neft, Rosneft, LUKoil, Surgutneftegaz, SIBUR, and others.

Andrei Shestakov, the General Director of Tomsk Electronic Company, informed Governor Vladimir Mazur that the company acquired 17 new machine tools last year. Additionally, the company is constructing a new production complex this year to further develop its capacity.

After discussing the production and investment program, the regional leader toured the shops and spoke with the employees.

Tomsk Electronic Company's workshops manufacture products that are superior to those imported and are made using the full manufacturing cycle. Today, manufacturers are addressing the challenge of developing technological production lines and attracting new specialists and workers.

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