Over the past five years, nearly 69 billion rubles have been allocated for the implementation of national projects in the Tomsk Region


 The national projects receiving the largest financial support are "Safe Quality Roads", "Housing and Urban Environment", "Health Care", and "Education". Over 52 billion rubles, which is 76% of the total financing for the presidential national projects in the region, has been allocated for their implementation.

The entire year of 2023 was marked by sanctions pressure, but it can be generally characterized as a period of recovery and growth. National projects initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin have become an important impetus for the country's development priorities.

Positive changes have impacted nearly all areas and have accelerated the socio-economic development of the region. This is evidenced by the positive trends in key macro-indicators.

The manufacturing sector boosted the industrial production index in the region to 102%. In the construction industry, there was a 101.6% increase, including a 147% increase in housing commissioning. The high demand from consumers is evident in the increased volumes of retail trade (107.5%), public catering (119.6%), and paid services (100.7%).

Last year, the region experienced a substantial surge in investment activity. According to data for the first nine months of 2023, investments in fixed capital amounted to 91 billion rubles, which is 22.3% higher than the same period in the previous year.

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