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A bridge of friendship

A historical event took place in the vicinity of Strezhevoy Town, the northern capital of Tomsk region: commissioning the bridge across the Vakh River that connected Strezhevoy with Nizhnevartovsk, Tomsk region and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area, Siberia and the Urals, and became an important link in the Northern latitudinal road that is a transport corridor from Perm to the East Siberia.


Budget of a compromise

On 30.10.2014 deputies of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk region approved of the first reading draft regional budget whose main peculiarity is its social orientation and program-based approach.


Emperor's mistake

Agreements on construction of new roads have been signed by Novosibirsk region Governor and Head of Kuzbass. Construction of Igol-Orlovka and Tomsk-Taiga motorways will be started in 2015 under support of private investors.


Three holiday in one

Anniverrsary of the Region, Province and the city of Tomsk is good chance  to remember our history and thank all generations of Tomsk residents.


Asia (and) us

The three-day plenary session with Asian network of major cities took place in Tomsk. The network unites 13 major cities from Tokyo to Jakarta and Tomsk.  The Tomsk region is the only non-capital unit and the only Russian representative in this international union.


It’s Just the Beginning

Residents of our Region have celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the start of gas production. Being Vostokgazprom founder and its first CEO, I believe that this is a holiday for the entire one million residents of our region, not just the gas industry workers. The 1999 start-up of the first gas treatment facility at Myldzhinskoe Field, the first oil, gas and condensate field in our region was an important milestone for Tomsk Region.


Good Chance for Local Manufacturers

President instructed the Government to take actions aimed at balancing commodity markets. This means that our local manufacturers who have been driven off the shelves of retail networks by imported brands for years have now got a good chance to capture a sizeable share of the retail food market. Today the government officials need to provide opportunities for farming sector and food industry to snatch this chance.


Let’s Follow Suit of Parabel Residents

Parabel municipal area became one of Tomsk Region’s cultural centers , with two outstanding events taking place in the area last week: Czar’s Fish Soup food festival in Narym and Northern Etudes, a festival of Siberian Indigenous Minorities in Parabel.


Construction Is Labor of Love

Construction Worker’s Day is a truly popular holiday, as all the man-made facilities in our land have been created by construction workers.


A Change in Direction for INO Tomsk

Oleg Fomichev, Under Secretary for Economic Development, and I held an on-site meeting in Tomsk special economic zone on “INO Tomsk ‘2020” concept update. *INO Tomsk is a federal center for education, research and development

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