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No Child Left Behind

Official visit of Pavel Astakhov, Children’s Rights Commissioner to President of Russia, to Tomsk Region only took one day, but the children’s ombudsman managed to accomplish a lot on that day. Mr. Astakhov and I visited Voskhod, the region’s largest children’s camp in Seversk, Luch juvenile social rehabilitation center, Tomsk juvenile correctional facility for girls – one of the two still remaining in Russia by the way…


United in Holidays and Workdays

First federal Sabantuy, a national Tartar holiday now recognized as their own by dozens of our contry’s nations, was celebrated in Tomsk for the first time. Tomsk is the place to celebrate it, as Tartars are not just the second largest nation in the region, but also Siberian natives, custodians of age-long traditions. Tartar culture has been playing an important role in Tomsk development over the entire four centuries of its existence, maintaining and developing peace between nations and enriching the traditions of over one hundred nations residing in Tomsk Region.


The Future of the Oil City

I’ll be frank: I was apprehensive when flying from Khanty-Mansiysk to Strezhevoy. On the one hand, both cities are northern outposts of Russia’s oil industry. On the other hand, there is a difference in living standards of Yugra capital and capital of the northern areas of Tomsk Region. However, a walk around Strezhevoy convinced me once again that the city has got its future, and local residents are as strong-willed and optimistic as they were half a century ago.


Bridges between Tomsk and Yugra

An international IT forum organized by our joint efforts with the Government of the autonomous district came to an end in Khanty-Mansiysk. It was the sixth forum of the kind, but its characteristic feature was participation of BRICS representatives. This is particularly important, as Russia will be presiding in this international group nex year.


The Governor’s statement at Tomsk Region legislative body, the Duma, as part of the 2013 executive branch report. Dear Oxana Vitaliyevna, esteemed deputies and invitees,

I address my today’s executive branch performance report to all residents of Tomsk Region rather than to deputies only. Detailed account of the performance is shown in the report all of you hold in your hands so that you can read it. In my speech, I will touch upon the key points, trying to get you a glimpse of the future rather than relate about the past. I don’t want to put on rose-colored glasses and tell you how super good our life is, but I do not to paint it all black either.


Prescription for Medical Services

Olga Kobyakova, who had spent almost four years at the helm of Tomsk regional medical service, assumed the duties of Siberian State Medical University Provost. Alexander Kholopov, the Region Perinatal Clinic Administrator, a member of Tomsk Region Public Chamber, took over the leadership of Board of Public Health.


From the Tom River to the Neva River

St.Petersburg International Economic Forum came to an end. Rather than being a spectator, Tomsk Region delegation took an active part in discussion platforms, shared its experience of economic and innovative development that may prove useful to other Russian regions.


From Siberia with Love

Tomsk Chapter held a reporting and electoral conference in Moscow’s Plekhanov University. Our chapter is one of the biggest ones in the Russian capital, and by far not all of our fellow-countrymen could find a seat in the conference hall.


Dynamic Development

The development of Seversk, the capital of our nuclear industry and Russia’s largest restricted access territory, is very dynamic, as befits a young 65-year-old city.


Dynamic Development

The development of Seversk, the capital of our nuclear industry and Russia’s largest restricted access territory, is very dynamic, as befits a young 65-year-old city.

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