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The Future of Rural Settlements

The second rural gathering which took place in Tomsk became a traditional event both for the Region authorities and rural residents, where we coordinate our positions and discuss day-to-day affairs and prospects. This is very important to us as half of the Region residents come from rural settlements.


A Forum with Scholastic Degree

For three days in April, Tomsk became Russia’s youth science capital: over 1000 postgrads, PhD students and researchers of Russian RDIs took part in U-NOVUS, the first forum for young scientists. All of us have heard pessimistic forecasts about ageing domestic science, but hundreds of young talents from 64 Russian regions from Kaliningrad and Astrakhan to Yakutsk and Vladivostok refuted these forecasts with scientific precision.


Noon Recess - in for Big Changes

It’s no coincidence that the slogan of the 6th Tomsk Teachers Convention was “Teacher in the Region Vector of Socioeconomic Development”. This is because we treat education as one of the driving forces of regional development rather than social burden, all the more so as this sector sees major positive changes.


Partnership Potential

Tomsk hosted a joint meeting of the Council to Russian Presidential Envoy to Siberian Federal District and interregional association Siberian Accord, chaired by the Envoy. Our colleagues, Victor Nazarov, Omsk Region Governor, Alexander Berdnikov, Altai Republic Governor, Vyacheslav Nagovitsin, Buryat Republic Governor, Victor Zimin, Khakassia Governor and representatives of Siberia’s regional parliaments discussed the issues of healthcare and integration of renewable natural resources into economy. Tomsk hosted this significant event for a reason: we have a lot we can share with our neighbors both in terms of medicine and use of natural resources.


Life without Slums

‭‬PM Dmitry Medvedev, First Deputy PM Igor Shuvalov, Minister for Construction and housing services and utilities Mikhail Men, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov discussed the rate of elimination of dilapidated housing on Friday evening. Our experience in solving this problem in Tomsk sparked the interest of members of the Government.


Ahead of All Production

Tomsk Region and Russia’s Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources signed a geology and subsoil use agreement. This means that our region is becoming the testing ground where the authorities, business and research and education sector will be creating new innovational methods of hydrocarbon prospecting and production. Sergey Donskoy, the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, said at a Wednesday meeting in Tomsk that the ministry will then share this experience with other Russian oil producing regions.


Moving away from “Cater-Cousins” to Managers

Interregional association Siberian Accord coordination council for local administration took place in Tomsk. Developing local self-government in our Region, where inhabited localities are located dozens of kilometers from one another, is one of the critical conditions for further development.


Facing the Woodland

We discussed the development of Tomsk Region forest husbandry with representative of Federal Forestry Agency, professional community, and business. Forest husbandry is important to our region with two thirds of its area being covered with forests.


Motherland Stems from Culture

‏We are all familiar with the lyrics of the song called “Where does Motherland begin?”. We all have our own answers to this question. I personally believe Motherland begins with culture, with respect to the history of one’s country, city or village, with respect to people around us, rich traditions of our nations.


Parental Responsibilities

Presidium of State Council of Russia held a meeting in Cherepovets city, Vologda Region. President Vladimir Putin set out the priorities of state family, maternity and childhood policy. It is very important that many initiatives moved by meeting preparation task force, including our regional proposals that we raised in Cherepovets, found presidential support.

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