The Investment Volume Into Construction of Severny Park Amounts to 15 bln. Rubles


The governor of the Tomsk Region evaluated the rate of construction in Severny Park during his working visit around the biggest construction sites

The governor Sergey Zhvachkin finished visiting the biggest construction sites in the Tomsk agglomeration on July 22nd in Severny Park microdistrict on the left bank of the river Tom.  Construction of Severny Park has been carried out since 2016.

One hundred eighty six thousand square meters of residences (3 400 apartments) have been constructed here in four years.  The plan is to finish residential construction and build a day care center for 280 children this year.

The microdistrict has all the necessary engineering infrastructure: a 24 MWth gas boiler house, an electrical substation, storm and waste water treatment facilities, water supply and sewage systems, and street lighting.

Ekaterina Sobkanyuk, the head of the group of companies “Karyeroupravlenie”, informed the head of the region that Severny Park is built for comfort of 14.5 thousand people and the total volume of investments into construction amounts to 15 bln. rubles.

The governor visited the building site, where construction of a school for 1100 students, with a stadium, started in April.

“While carefully preserving Tomsk, we are developing it at the same time, making it young and contemporary.  Severny Park was started by Italian designers and architects, TDSK is building a modern block in collaboration with the Dutch.  Such integration provides a completely unique result, and consequently Tomsk and its residents have the best of the bargain”, - Sergey Zhvachkin added, summing up the results of the construction sites’ visit.

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