New residents registered in the Priority Social and Economic Development Area


New residents of PSEDA “Seversk” plan to create new production operations.

LLC “TomskAzot” will implement an investment project to produce high quality nitrogen fertilizers for agricultural enterprises of the Tomsk Region, which will create 14 jobs and attract more than 13 mln. rubles in investments. In the production process, the enterprise will utilize an unprecedented innovative technology for pelleting the product. 

LLC “MK-Polymer” will be located on Siberian Chemical Combine’s premises.  The company is planning to create a new import-substituting production of polymer composite compounds, as well as hold scientific research in cooperation with scientific research institutes.  Investments into creating the production and a scientific laboratory will amount to ten million rubles. The business plan also provides for creating 20 new jobs.  The polymer production is in demand in cable, machine-building and construction industries.

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