The order of application of lowered tariffs for insurance contributions for small and medium enterprises


According to the federal law passed 01.04.2020 # 102-FЗ, starting from the 1st April the collective amount of tariffs of insurance contributions related to payments and other remunerations for natural persons, surpassing minimum monthly wages, paid into state non-budgetary funds by small and medium sized enterprises will be lowered to 15%.  In addition, part of the payment to citizens, which is defined based on the results of each calendar month in the amount of less or equal to minimum monthly wage is taxed as per general established tariffs of insurance contributions of 30%.

Payers may apply lowered tariffs of insurance contributions starting the first of the month, on which their information is entered into the registry of the SME, but not sooner than from April 1st, 2020. 

If the payer is removed from the registry of the SME, the lowered tariffs do not apply starting from the first of the month of exclusion.

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