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Property tax lowered by 50% for Tomsk companies, affected by COVID-19

A 50% property tax break for organizations has been introduced in the Tomsk Region, the break applies to 2020


Simplified system tax rate lowered in the Tomsk Region

For enterprises, which pay taxes under the simplified taxation system and are in economic sectors most affected by the pandemic, the tax rate has been lowered


The Tomsk Region has significantly increased the volume of export of services

According to the data of Central Bank of Russian Federation, in 2019 the Tomsk Region has made 75.62 mln. US dollars on the export of services – it is 76.1 % more than in 2018


The order of application of lowered tariffs for insurance contributions for small and medium enterprises

For small and medium enterprises, the collective amount of insurance contributions into the state non-budgetary funds has been lowered to 15% starting from 1st April

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