The Tomsk Region has significantly increased the volume of export of services


In 2019 the statistics of export of services in Russia was not calculated based on contingent valuation method, but on the actual basis of banking operations, which significantly increased the precision of statistical data.  According to the data of the Central Bank of Russian Federation, in 2019 the Tomsk Region has made 75.62 mln. US dollars on export of services, which is 32.68 mln, US dollars (or 76.1%) more than in 2018 (42.94 mln. US dollars).

The main share of the services, exported by Tomsk organizations and companies is in the categories of “Travel” and “Telecommunications, computer and information services”.

The expenses of foreign citizens on travel on the territory of the Tomsk Region brought the region 31.74 mln. US dollars.

The sphere of IT-technologies has been making a significant input into the regional export of services for ten years.  The volume of export in this category in 2019 reached 29.12 mln. US dollars, in 2018 it amounted to 28.81 US dollars.

More than 100 Tomsk IT-companies export their products to foreign consumers, which is not only out of the box high-technology products, but also services in the sphere of R&D, as well as after-sales service of software.

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