Tomsk Region Repairs More Than 630 Kilometers Of Local Roads Within The Framework Of The Governor’s Program


The budget of the governor’s program “Roads” in five years has been in excess of 2.7 bln rubles, 633.54 km of local automobile roads have been repaired.

Also, municipalities have repaired 27 km of sidewalks and installed 234 crosswalks in accordance with the national standards within the framework of priority regional project.

In 2020 the total amount of financing for the program constituted 567.6 mln rubles.  Around 100 km of street and road network and more than 4.5 sidewalks, as well as 20 crosswalks have been fixed, which was covered by these funds.

Seven municipalities – Asino, Teguldet, Parabel, Zyryanskoe, Shegarka counties and Seversk and Kedrovyy cities are the leaders of the governor’s program “Roads”.

In 2021 it is planned to repair no less than 70 kms of road.

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