“One needs to come here, build here, develop industrial production here…”


On October 14th, the prosecutor of the Tomsk Region, Semenov A.N., visited the  industrial park “Tomsk”.  The following persons took place in the event: residents of the industrial park, director of the asset management company, Filenkov I.P., acting head of the Department of investments of the Tomsk Region, Borodulin G.A., acting vice governor of the Tomsk Region, Isakova T.A., managing director of the Tomsk Region department of the Bank of Russia, Petrochenko E.B., the head of the regional Fund of industry development, Belyaev E.V., and others.

During the course of the event they visited facilities of NPO ReaSib, OOO ABZ-4.  At the following round table the results of the industrial park activities and problematic issues of its functioning, as well as the implementation of state support measures for business in the sphere of financing were discussed.

The prosecutor of the region gave positive evaluation to the activity of the industrial park and noted its promising outlook.

The Tomsk Region Investment Department and the department of the Bank of Russia in the Tomsk Region gave suggestions on simplifying administrative procedures, connected with providing the measures of state support, as well as providing loans to the investors.

As of today, the residents of the industrial park can receive the state support measures in a streamlined process, simultaneously with awarding the status of a resident.  Starting in July of the current year, during the period of duration of the key interest rate of the Bank of Russia of 11.5% and more, the amount of subsidy which reimburses part of the expenses connected with paying the interest rate on credit loans will grow proportionally.  With the key interest rate of the Bank of Russia lower than 11.5% the extent of reimbursement will be 8% interest.

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