Tomsk Governor presents the region’s industrial capacity to the Belarusian government


On August 15, after meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus, Vladimir Mazur, Governor of the Tomsk region, went to the Council of Ministers of Belarus to meet with Piotr Parkhomchik, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus.

Lyudmila Ogorodova and Vasily Potyomkin, Deputy Governors of Tomsk, Sergey Khursevich, the Governor’s advisor, and other members of the delegation attended the meeting together with the Tomsk Governor, while Alexander Rogozhnik, Minister of Industry, joined Belarusian ministers Andrei Khudyk and Sergey Bartosh.

Piotr Parkhomchik outlined the broad opportunities for cooperation between the republic and the region the range of which is enormous. 

Tomsk industrialists have many ties with Belarus. Tomsk Sibkabel and Tomskkabel, one of the leading manufacturers of cable and wire products, have many partners in this country. Tomsk plant Manotom supplies products to Belarusian petrochemists, metallurgists, power engineers and railroad engineers. Digital radio relay communication stations produced by Tomsk company Mikran are also used in Belarus, including by its law enforcement agencies. The Tomsk Governor invited the Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister to elaborate on new projects.

Vladimir Mazur turned the floor over to Vasily Potyomkin, who presented the investment capacity of the Tomsk region (including cutting-edge industrial clusters in the mining and processing of non-ferrous and rare-earth metals, microelectronics, timber, radio and low-tonnage chemistry), as well as advisor Sergey Khursevich, who introduced a project for cooperation in the field of unmanned aircraft systems to the Belarusian government.

The Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister listened to the proposals of the Tomsk specialists and immediately assigned instructions on their implementation.

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