Producing road repair mixes on the Tomsk SEZ southern platform


EcoDor’s new production building will produce ViaMix mixes for year-round repair of road surfaces, roads, bridge crossings, sidewalks, as well as for asphalting small areas, for example, after laying utilities.

After commissioning the building, the company is going to produce more than 1500 tons of packed mixes per year. This will allow to promptly repair emergency areas of asphalt concrete coverings.

In 2010, EcoDor LLC, enterprise of an innovative belt of Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building, was awarded a grant to create an energy-saving unit to repair asphalt coverings with the energy of ultra-high frequency.

In November 2013, the company acquired resident status in the Tomsk Special Economic Zone and declared the development of equipment and construction mixes to repair road surfaces, as well as the engineering services in the field of road maintenance as its core activity.

EcoDor has already tested its products in the city roads of the Tomsk and Kemerovo regions and Altai Krai.

The company’s decision to expand its activities on the territory of the Tomsk SEZ confirms that the management has successfully created favorable conditions for the implementation of innovative projects.

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