Tomsk region brings backbone road network to the standard


In 2023, the Tomsk region intends to bring other 79 km of regional roads, which are part of the backbone road network, to the standard.

The backbone network in the Tomsk region comprises 34.8 km of federal highway R255 and 12 sections of regional roads with a total length of 895.1 km.

In 2019-2022, the specialists repaired and reconstructed about 380 km of the backbone network under the national project “Safe Quality Roads”: sections of Tomsk - Kargala - Kolpashevo, Tomsk - Mariinsk, Mogilny Mys - Parabel - Kargasok, Tomsk - Airport, “Bypass road of Tomsk”, Tomsk - Samus, Melnikovo - Kozhevnikovo - Izovka and Kamaevka - Asino - Pervomaiskoye.

In the road repair and construction season of 2023, Tomskavtodor, automobile roads department, is going to repair 27.3 km of the Tomsk - Kargala - Kolpashevo, 33.4 km of Melnikovo - Kozhevnikovo - Izovka, 16.2 km of Mogilny Mys - Parabel - Kargasok and 2.2 km of the Tomsk - Airport road.

Under the objectives of the national road project, the proportion of roads in the backbone network of the Tomsk region in the standard condition shall be at least 80% by 2025. At the end of 2022, the proportion of the regional backbone roads in the standard condition was 70%.

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