Tomsk business adapts to grow in a volatile economy


At the annual press conference, Andrei Antonov, Deputy Governor for Economics, said that the number of employees in small and medium enterprises in the Tomsk region increased by 13.8 percent and made up 166.8 thousand people in 2022. More than half of those employed in SMEs are engaged in trade, transport business and construction.

The Tomsk region is in fourth place in the Siberian Federal District by the number of small and medium enterprises per capita. In 2022, the turnover of small and medium enterprises increased by 8 percent and amounted to about 530 billion rubles.

According to the Deputy Governor, the business sector was flexible and capable of adapting to change in 2022. The reduction in inspections also benefited the entrepreneurs to grow their business in a volatile economy.

In 2022, the support totaling 4 billion rubles was provided to 820 entrepreneurs in the Tomsk region. The SME leaders highlight that the tax benefits appeared to be one of the most sought-after support measures.

For more than 10 years, the region has had one of the lowest tax rates under the simplified taxation system. The tax rate in the patent system has not been adjusted since 2020, even though inflation is on the rise.

In 2022, the Tomsk region was granted more than 141 million rubles from the federal treasury to support business representatives under the national project “Small and medium-sized businesses and support of individual entrepreneurial initiatives”.

In 2022, the region allocated about 32 million rubles to recapitalize regional microfinance organizations. They issued almost 300 concessional micro-loans to entrepreneurs, totaling 352 million rubles.

Last year, the Guarantee Fund of the Tomsk region provided entrepreneurs with about 100 surety bonds. Thus, they could borrow more than 2 billion rubles from banks.

They are planning to continue supporting the enterprises in 2023, enhancing and supplementing the range of support tools.

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