“Tomsk” OEZ resident’s technologies entering new foreign markets through the partnership with Rosatom


In March, Tomsk company “MOJE Keramic-Implantate” (resident of the special economic zone of the technical innovation type in Tomsk) presented its project of the upcoming plant in Latin America for the delegation of JSC “Rusatom RDS” (Rosatom's branch integrator in manufacturing machinery, electronics and specialized medical equipment).

The “Rusatom RDS” delegation headed by Alexander Kulish, Director for technology transfer, took an interest in the Tomsk company’s technology for the development and production of ceramic hand and foot joints, and major joints.

In the course of negotiations, “MOJE Keramic-Implantate” and “Rusatom RDS” have decided on cooperative projects to develop and implement artificial intelligence technologies in the production process and to build a plant for advanced ceramic medical technologies in one of the Latin American countries.

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