Biolit launches the construction of its facility in the Tomsk SEZ


Biolit company has started building its own research and production facility which will be located at 3 Sozidaniya St. on the southern site of the Tomsk SEZ.

The foundation pit is finished and now the company is building the formwork for the foundations. The projected area of the building is 5,836 m2, the building footprint is 2,787 m2. The construction is planned to be completed in the third quarter of 2024.

Sergey Aleynikov, Chief Engineer of the company, says that after the first phase of the project is commissioned, Biolit will be able to relocate its core production capacities to the new building. About one third of the production facilities will remain in the rented space. The launch of the second production phase will allow to focus the development and production of goods on the SEZ territory.

According to Konstantin Kaminsky, General Director of the Management Company of the Tomsk SEZ, while all the infrastructure on the southern site of the SEZ is completely up and running, Sozidaniya Street is being intensively developed. New companies choose land plots both on Sozidaniya Street and on Razvitiya Avenue. Several existing and potential residents are working on the options for locating their production facilities on the territory of the Tomsk SEZ.

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