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Biolit launches the construction of its facility in the Tomsk SEZ

Biolit company has started building its own research and production facility on the southern site of the Tomsk special economic zone


Tomsk waste sorting plant to be the most high-tech facility beyond the Urals


OOO Tomsk Regional Concession Company plans to build the up-to-date waste recycling facility under the concession agreement by the beginning of November 2024


Tomsk SEZ announces the results of the residents’ activity in 2022

Residents of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone doubled their revenues as compared to 2021


Tomsk governor invites Central Asian countries to cooperation with the Tomsk region

Vladimir Mazur, Governor of the Tomsk region, invited countries to cooperate with the region in his speech at the Central Asian Conference of the Valdai International Club on May 16


Tomsk investment team familiarizes with the management methods from the neighboring regions

Delegation from the Tomsk region paid a working visit to the Omsk region

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