Tomsk waste sorting plant to be the most high-tech facility beyond the Urals


 The up-to-date waste recycling facility, which OOO Tomsk Regional Concession Company plans to build under the concession agreement by the beginning of November 2024, will be able to recycle 76% of municipal waste of the whole Tomsk region already at the initial stage. The construction is conducted under national project “Ecology”.

The company signed a concession agreement for the construction of waste recycling facility “Siberia” in April this year. The cost of the WRF will amount to 2,4 billion rubles, the capacity will be up to 250 thousand tons of municipal wastes per year. The facility will take 9,1 hectares of land next to the northern site of the Tomsk Industrial Park. Currently, the territory for the upcoming “Siberia” WRF is prepared, the project is being under state expertise.

Commissioning of the waste sorting plant in Tomsk will cover the need for processing all the solid municipal waste produced in the Tomsk district, Tomsk and Seversk. At least half of them will be recycled.

The construction of the “Siberia” waste recycling facility is meant to give an impetus to the reform of the municipal solid waste management system which has been implemented since 2019 under national project “Ecology”. Its objective is to ensure 100% sorting and 50% recycling of solid municipal waste in the regions by 2030.

The Tomsk WRF will enable the selection of up to 50% of secondary material resources from the total volume of incoming solid municipal waste, which will halve the volume of the waste disposed to landfills.



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