Siberian economy development trends are discussed at national conference in Tomsk


The Institute of Economics and Management of Tomsk State University hosted the XIII Russian Research and Practice Conference Economic Readings: Global Challenges and Vectors of Regional Social and Economic Development between November 23 and 25.

The forum was attended by Vasily Potyomkin, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region for Economy, Investment Policy and Property Relations, and Georgy Borodulin, Head of the Regional Investment Department.

Representatives of the authorities, banking sector, business and academic community spoke at the conference. The panel discussion was focused on spatial and economic interconected relations of Siberian regions.

A report on Trends in investment policy of the Tomsk region considering the Strategy of social and economic development of the Siberian Federal District until 2035 shows challenges that are common for Siberian regions and possible ways to overcome them.

The subject aroused keen interest from academic teaching staff of Tomsk State University and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientists stated that they are ready to contribute to the development of strategic documents and plans as experts.

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