Rosseti has started to upgrade a major Tomsk power saving centre


The branch of Rosseti – MES of Siberia – has started to upgrade the major power saving centre, it is planned to upgrade switching equipment and the auxiliary power supply system of the GPP-220 main substation in Tomsk. The cost of works is 370 million rubles.

The upgrade project will increase reliability of transfer of electrical power from Tomsk CHPP-3 to residents of Tomsk and the central districts of the Oblast, including industrial enterprises, one of which is the Tomskneftekhim plant.

At the substation, power engineers will change eight 220 kV oil switches with modern gas-insulated analogues with built-in current transformers.

Moreover, a modern low-maintenance rechargeable battery, rectifying and charging devices, and direct current boards are to be installed at the object. The equipment will ensure uninterrupted operation of the substation in case of loss of power at the object.

All new equipment that will appear at the GPP-220 substation was made in Russia.

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