Tomsk Governor Vladimir Mazur instructed to conclude concession for construction of campus in September


At the extended meeting for the working group for creation of an inter-university campus in Tomsk, Vladimir Mazur, Governor of Tomsk Oblast, noted: “The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has set a task for the country and federal subjects to achieve technological sovereignty in the face of sanctions. In this regard, we will have to implement one of the most large-scale investment projects in Tomsk Oblast in recent years – the construction of an inter-university campus. Tomsk Oblast is among the scientific and technological leaders in the country, out scientific and educational complex has always actively interacted with Central Asian countries, so the campus is a strategic project for both Tomsk and the country.”

On 13 July, at the meeting of the Presidium of the Government Commission for Regional Development chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Shakirzyanovich Khusnullin, key decisions were made. First: to continue the implementation of the Tomsk campus construction project under the concession agreement. Second: a land plot on the reserve territory of the special economic zone has been agreed upon as the campus location. The deadline for signing the concession agreement has been set for September this year. The deadline for the completion of the campus construction has been approved – the third quarter of 2027.”

As the Governor noted, the preliminary area of the campus is 191 thousand square metres: it would include a hotel for students with six thousand  beds, a multifunctional educational centre, and a fitness and health complex. The final parameters of the area of the facility will be specified after the design is finalised.

The estimated marginal cost of the project is 41.66 billion rubles, which has been confirmed by Glavgosexpertiza of Russia.

The Governor has said that the Ediny Zakazchik public law company (PLC) under the Ministry of Construction of Russia was involved to coordinate the design task and support the development of design and estimate documentation. The government and the region have set two tasks for Ediny Zakazchik: to comply with the Ministry of Education and Science’s requirements for the layout and equipment of the campus, and to optimise the cost of construction.

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