From the First Person


We did it together

The passed 2015 year was rather difficult but productive for our Tomsk region. Despite the difficult economic climate we have managed significant results both in industry and in agriculture, and in the social sphere.


The realists forum

- Gaidar Forum was held in Moscow from 13 to 15 January, 2016 - this is one of the most authoritative discussion platforms of our country, which for three days has collected several thousands of domestic and foreign economists, eminent university professors, ministers of the Russian government headed by Prime Minister, representatives of business and regions.


Synchronizing watches with the President

Russian President Vladimir Putin is perfectly informed about the Tomsk region and Tomsk citizens life, he appreciates the contribution of the region's economy into the budget of the country, sees our potential.


The country of the rising friendship

Relations between the Tomsk region and the capital of Japan will develop in different directions. This was confirmed during the visit of Tomsk region delegation in Tokyo in June 2015.


Recipe for healthcare

The main assessment of the healthcare system give not statistics and chiefs, but patients coming to clinics with complaints of seasonal disease, passing inpatient treatment, who are forced to appeal to the "ambulance".


From harvest to seedling

The main objective of the Tomsk region farmers in the past and this year is to ensure food security in the region, deterring growth of food prices.


The objectives of local authorities

In the economic crisis decisive action required not only from government and business. A great responsibility assigned to the local authorities - heads of cities, districts, villages.


In the Cedar district and town

Pudino will celebrate 100-year anniversary this year  - it is a village with a unique, but so similar to the taiga settlement history. In many ways, this story is written by special settlers, for whom the severe siberian district became forced, but still beloved small homeland.


The other Tomsk

Dmitry Medvedev signed an order of the Concept of creation of innovation and territorial center "INO Tomsk", which determines the vector of further development of The Tomsk region in nuclear technology, petrochemicals, electronic engineering, information technology, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, renewable natural resources.


From a schoolchild to the President

Sergey Zhvachkin commented upon the annual message of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, to Federal Assembly.

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