Simplified system tax rate lowered in the Tomsk Region


For the enterprises, which pay taxes under the simplified taxation system and are in economic sectors most affected by the pandemic, the tax rate has been lowered from 6% to 3%.

“This is one of the measures of support for small and middle-sized entrepreneurship in the current situation, - Andrey Antonov, deputy governor for economy commented. – The break has a terminable character and applies to 2020”.

Organizations and entrepreneurs can receive the benefit of the break, if their principal activity as of June 1st, 2020 is in the economic sector, most affected by the pandemic.  Also, the share of the proceeds of the enterprise from the principal activity must be no less than 70%.

“What is important is that this measure of support will be also extended to new companies, registered after June 1st, 2020,” - Andrey Antonov clarified.

For reference:

            List of the economic sectors affected by the coronavirus:

-         air transportation, airport operations, motor transportation;

-         culture, leisure and entertainment;

-         health, fitness and sports;

-         travel agencies and other organizations, providing services in the sphere of tourism;

-         hotel business;

-         food services;

-         organizations of extended education, non-state educational establishments;

-         activities in organizing conferences and expositions;

-         activities in providing consumer services;

-         public health (dental);

-         non-food retail;

-         media and printing.

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