Tomsk governor invites Central Asian countries to cooperation with the Tomsk region


In his speech at the Central Asian Conference of the Valdai International Club, Vladimir Mazur, Governor of the Tomsk region, emphasized that the new conditions challenged the region to achieve technological sovereignty, import substitution and export-orientedness.

It was understood in Tomsk for a long time ago that it is necessary to combine available resources in order to improve the quality of science, education, and competitiveness. That is why a consortium of scientific and educational organizations was created and it eventually became the Tomsk Big University project. The cooperation of the universities, scientific and industrial enterprises, and the ready-made infrastructure makes it possible to achieve real, noticeable progress. Tomsk has a high level of scientific resources and talent capacity in such spheres as new materials, pharmaceuticals, automation systems, micro- and radioelectronics, instrumentation, IT and cybersecurity, petrochemistry, medical biotechnology and engineering.

Tomsk has become a platform for implementing breakthrough high-tech projects of Rosatom, Gazprom, Rostec and Sibur, as well as a leader in building a support system for innovation companies. As a result, start-ups that are now national leaders originally sprouted from the ground of the Tomsk universities, one example of which is Mikran.

The Tomsk region is one of the three leaders in the science and technology rating of Russian regions, following only Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Mazur, Governor of the Tomsk region, encouraged countries to establish cooperation with the region.

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