Tomsk SEZ announces the results of the residents’ activity in 2022


Residents of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone doubled their revenues as compared to 2021: by the end of 2022 the revenue amounted to 8,9 billion rubles. Since the beginning of the SEZ activity, the revenue has reached 45,6 billion rubles.

The volume of taxes paid by the residents in 2022 to the budget of Russia has increased by 13% as compared to the last year and amounted to 964 million rubles (the volume of taxes since the beginning of activity is 5,4 billion rubles).

40 companies are conducting activities on the SEZ sites. In 2022, two new companies were granted the resident status. New residents entered the SEZ with large projects, involving the construction of their own production facilities on its territory. Tract-Avtomatica company is implementing a project for the production of low-voltage complete devices, RT-technologies - for the production of shielding and absorbing materials for specific purposes.

In 2022, the residents created 77 new jobs; by the end of last year, the total number of jobs was 2,277.

Along with the residents, there are 30 high-tech companies working in the SEZ as tenants of office and laboratory premises, while their activity indicators are not accounted for in the total reporting.

In recent years, a significant shift in the approach to support innovation companies has occurred at the federal level: instead of the territorial principle, the sectoral principle is actively applied. These changes result in partial loss of exclusivity of tax preferences in SEZs: many high-tech companies can obtain most of them by means of corresponding accreditation in the relevant ministry.

The status of a SEZ resident still grants the opportunity to apply a number of tax benefits and preferences and provides access to the ready-made infrastructure of the SEZ, While the infrastructure facilities, especially power supply, are now putting into operation, the special economic zone is attracting those companies who seek to work in favorable conditions and build their plants on prepared land plots bearing a well-defined legal status.

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