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New Low Interest Loans For Small Business Provided in Tomsk Region

The microfinancing fund of the Tomsk Region has launched a program “Financing current activities for the newly started small and medium size businesses"


Ready To Move In Lots On Territory Of Tomsk Special Economic Zone

In connection with finishing the works on startup operations for power facilities on the territories of Southern and Northern sites, “ready to move in” land lots have been prepared with engineering and transport infrastructure for placing own production plants of enterprises


New Transforming Substation Built In Special Economic Zone Tomsk

Gorseti (municipal electric company) is testing the new transformer substation on the southern site of SEZ


Onsite Meeting Conducted at the Territory of Priority Social And Economic Development Area Seversk

Deputy governor of the Tomsk region of investment policy and property relations, Uri Gurdin, conducted an onsite meeting in PSEDA Seversk on the 13th of April


Tomsk Governor Announces Reboot For the Special Economic Zone

On the 6th of April the governor of the Tomsk region, Sergei Zhvachkin, conducted a meeting on the concept of development of this technology innovative SEZ


New Resident Of Industrial Park Tomsk To Launch Production Of Construction Materials

The status of the resident at Tomsk industrial park has been awarded to OOO Stroyitelnaya Fabrika (Building factory)


Supervisory Council Approves Perspective Development Plan of Advanced Special Economic Zone Seversk

Nikolay Pegin, the general director of asset management company - Atom TOR, has presented a perspective development plan for the Social Priority and Economic Development Area Seversk to the supervisory council


Tomsk Region Developing Cooperation With Rosneft

Deputy governor of the Tomsk Region, Igor Shaturniy and Rosneft have discussed possible future for cooperation


Russian Government Allocates 1.64 Bln Rubles For Road Projects In The Tomsk Region

By the order of the Russian Federation government, the Tomsk Region will receive 1.64 bln rubles from the federal center for building and reconstruction of roads


.7 bln Rulbes Invested Into Industry Development In 2020

6.7 bln rubles have been invested into the main capital for the development of industrustrial areas in the Tomsk Region, which is 24% more in comparison with 2019

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