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Tomsk entrepreneurs to receive privileged access to an electronic trading platform

In order to support Tomsk manufacturers, the Tomsk Region administration, in cooperation with the tech company “Supl-biz”, start a program of privileged access to an electronic trading platform on April 15th


The best municipal practices introduced in the Tomsk Region

Municipal practices of four municipal districts of the Tomsk Region, aimed at improving the investment climate were reviewed in April of 2020 during a session of the project office


An information system for agricultural producers being tested in the Tomsk Region

Roster of agricultural producers of the Tomsk Region (RAPTR) system is introduced in the region.  The system is aimed at simplifying of the process of applying for state support and accounting by the agricultural producers


Tomsk Region to support entrepreneurs amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

Top priority measures for supporting local businesses were discussed during a meeting at the command center, created to control the spreading of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19


New residents registered in the Priority Social and Economic Development Area

2 new residents, who plan to produce fertilizers and compounds, have been registered in the PSEDA of Closed Administrative-Territorial Unit “Seversk”


Small and medium-size enterprises to receive a deferral on rental payments

The government of Russian Federation has passed draft regulations, prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, which make provision for deferral of rental payments for small and medium-sized enterprises for real property on rent from the state


Financial resources made more available for Tomsk businesses

Microfinancing Fund of Tomsk Region has started to accept applications from businesses for microloans


Tomsk Region signed a collaboration agreement with Rostselmash company

A collaboration agreement between Tomsk Region and Rostselmash company has been signed, which will allow Tomsk farmers to receive additional discount when purchasing machinery produced in Russia


FISI-based navigator created for foreign investors

A navigator for foreign investors has been created on the basis of the Federal Information System for Industry (FISI)


Governor Sergey Zhvachkin sanctions the project of the new airport complex “Bogashevo”

Sergey Zhvachkin has approved the presented project and set the task to continue the development of the route network of “Bogashevo” airport, taking into account the needs of the region in domestic and international directions

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