Year 2021

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Supervisory Council Approves Perspective Development Plan of Advanced Special Economic Zone Seversk

Nikolay Pegin, the general director of asset management company - Atom TOR, has presented a perspective development plan for the Social Priority and Economic Development Area Seversk to the supervisory council


Tomsk Region Developing Cooperation With Rosneft

Deputy governor of the Tomsk Region, Igor Shaturniy and Rosneft have discussed possible future for cooperation


Russian Government Allocates 1.64 Bln Rubles For Road Projects In The Tomsk Region

By the order of the Russian Federation government, the Tomsk Region will receive 1.64 bln rubles from the federal center for building and reconstruction of roads


.7 bln Rulbes Invested Into Industry Development In 2020

6.7 bln rubles have been invested into the main capital for the development of industrustrial areas in the Tomsk Region, which is 24% more in comparison with 2019


New Production Operations Launch In Tomsk Region 2020

New enterprises launched in 2020 and current ones were modernized


Tomsk Region Repairs More Than 630 Kilometers Of Local Roads Within The Framework Of The Governor’s Program

The Tomsk Region repaired 633.54 km of local automobile roads in five years of realizing the program “Roads” at the expense of the regional budget means


Residents Of Special Economic Zone “Tomsk” Patent 15 Inventions In 2020

Commercialization of scientific development results allowed the residents to make 24 bln rubles total in the years of SEZ's existence


3.3 bln Rubles Invested Into Agriculture Of Tomsk Region In 2020

The volume of investments into Tomsk agricultural complex in 2020 grew by 600 mln rubles in comparison with 2019


“TopMEdia” Сompany Becomes New Resident of SEZ “Tomsk”

“TopMedia” is realizing a project in the informational support sphere for passengers in public transport


Interest of Businesses Towards Land Lots in SEZ “Tomsk” Grows

The recent activity of potential residents of the special economic zone “Tomsk” is contingent on the infrastructure of the Southern site being in the lock-up stage.

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