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Vladimir Mazur Switches Regional Authorities To Working In Control Headquarters

On the 22nd of June, the acting governor of the Tomsk Region, Vladimir Mazur, held a meeting with the involvement of deputies, heads of municipal districts and representatives of the body of deputies. During the meeting, he gave the go-ahead to start work on the  branch control headquarters of the regional authorities


Otkritie Bank And Tomsk Region Administration Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the acting governor of the Tomsk Region, Vladimir Mazur and the president – chairman of board of Otkritie, Mihail Zadornov, signed a cooperation agreement


Vladimir Mazur Checks Investment Projects Progress At Tomsk Airport

 The acting governor of the Tomsk Region Vladimir Mazur evaluated the completion rate of runway reconstruction and construction of the new building at Nickolay Kamov airport in Tomsk


Vladimir Mazur Takes Part In Council Meeting Of Interregional Association Siberian Agreement

The acting governor of the Tomsk Region, Vladimir Mazur, took part in the opening ceremony of the booth Bolshaya Sibir at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum


Number Of State Support Measures For Tomsk Farmers Increases In 2022

The agricultural producers of the Tomsk Region took out 1.6 bln rubles of preferential short term credits for conducting spring field operations, and the applications for 500 mln more are currently under consideration in Minselkhoz of Russia


Tomsk Region To Repair More Than Three Hundred Kilometers Of Regional Roads In 2022

In 2022 Tomskavtodor will repair and modernize 304 km of regional automobile roads within the framework of the national road project and the regional program


Tomsk Region Administration Improves Conditions For Subsidizing Manufacturers

In response to the lowering of key interest rate by the Central Bank of Russia, the administration of the Tomsk Region rectified the conditions for providing subsidies to the strategic industrial enterprises of the region


Tomsk Region Governor Broadens Business Support Measures

Tomsk Region governor, Sergei Zhvachkin, approved a new measure of government support for industrial manufacturing.  It refers to compensation of loan interest for working capital financing


Tomsk Special Economic Zone Resident Introduces Domestically Made Implants Into Clinical Practice

In 2021 Specialists of Siberian Federal Clinical Research Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia conducted more than 400 surgeries by installing prosthetic implants for large knee and hip joints produced by the company NPK SINTEL a resident of Special Economic Zone Tomsk


NPO Sibelectromotor Becomes Twenty Third Resident of Priority Social and Economic Development Area Seversk

OOO NPO Sibelectromotor signed an agreement with the asset managing company Atom-TOR

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